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Vivienne Hanna

about me

What I do

I am a maker/fixer and a refurbishment specialist. I can provide quality, unique & sustainable pieces to enhance any domestic or commercial space.  I bring new life to old furniture, lamps and accessories, to continue their purpose.


I am passionate about sustainability and encourage people to believe in refurbishment i.e. “Re-Use, Re-Cycle, Re-Purpose” ethic.

Reusing practical everyday pieces 

I believe that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  By repurposing items that might otherwise end up in a landfill, I not only help the environment but also foster friendships with like-minded people and create unique furniture stories.


My name is Vivienne Hanna

As the daughter of parents who grew up in post-war austerity, I learned the value of money at an early age. My family were thrifty and resourceful, with a “make do and mend” mentality.  This instilled in me, a natural inclination towards no-waste, reuse, and recycling.


This ethos led me to paint my first piece of furniture and attend my first auction over 30 years ago, where I discovered I could acquire almost anything at a reasonable cost.


After working for several years in a busy newspaper, organising events and hosting shows, I travelled around Asia. I also lived in France and where I developed a love for Brocante (quality second-hand merchandise).


Upon returning to Northern Ireland, I worked as a media buyer, all while managing the renovation of my first house and furnishing it with items from thrift shops. I then managed the renovation of my 2nd home and went on to manage my new build energy-efficient home. This home became a showcase for my furniture finds and restorations.

Vivienne Hanna

Reusing practical pieces of furniture

I adore a plunder in vintage boutiques, charity shops and jumble markets – any place that sells practical and functional items.


Over the years, I have developed an eye for particular items and enjoy finding, refurbishing and sending pieces to a new home.


If you are looking for a special something, let me know and I may be able to source it for you.  I have lots of stock readily available to commission  paint or refurbish to your specification.

I work with all types of furniture, Ercol, Priory, Old Charm, G Plan, Rossmore, McDonagh, Danish, Stag, Beithcraft, Austinsuite, Uniflex, Remploy and all the rest!


I have also started to make lampshades to order and am honing my skills. If you have a lamp needing attention or a shade that needs to be recovered, maybe I can sort it for you?

A love for restoring furniture

I started restoring furniture after discovering great pieces and finds in vintage boutiques, charity shops and jumble sales. I have a keen eye for practical and functional items and take pleasure in finding and re-inventing them. It’s a labour of love.


I don’t particularly like to use the term “upcycle” rather, I would rather use the word “refurbish”.  I focus on the  people and work the piece to suit their needs. Above all, my priority for each piece is practicality and functionality. I consider the room’s shape, colour, light, and textures when designing the project, to meet the customer’s practical needs.


My idea is to refurbish practical everyday furniture for sustained and purposeful use. I give old, tired furniture a new lease of life with hand painting, passion and personality. This kind of business is eco-friendly and there’s plenty of stock available.

Untitled design-108.png

Furniture Sustainability

As an advocate for furniture sustainability, I believe that we should all consider buying second-hand furniture, just like we buy second-hand cars or clothes. Although some people may not be open to the idea, we should recognise the value in our furniture and be open to it’s transformation.


I think we should appreciate the design, shape, era and form that makes furniture worth saving, from being trashed or dumped. Antique dealers have recognised this value for years, but it may be time for all of us, to rethink our mindset and re-evaluate the quality of goods  we have around us, for the sake of the planet.


As for me, I have a shed full of furniture that my husband may not appreciate the potential of, but I can. I know exactly what to do with each piece. I believe that we need to mend and repair our furniture pieces and curate them to extend their lifespan. Saving the world one piece of furnitue at a time!


Now, I just need to reach the people who need my help.

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